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This document contains the essay titles and mark schemes used in AQA A-level Biology examinations since 2007. The specifications these exam questions came from are no longer in use, but the marking method has largely remained unchanged. Further guidance on the marking method used with the essay can be found
This resource lists essay titles and the indicative content from the mark schemes, featured in the previous specifications. It prepares students for the essay in A-level Biology Paper 3. Biology 2410 (BIOL5). Year Question Title. 2013 10 a. The membranes of different types of cells are involved in many different functions.
You are expected to construct an essay of between 700 and 1100 words covering a diverse range of synoptic content from the entire A-level specification. ✓ Your essay is assessed on a scale (see Appendix 1) marked for content (16 points), breadth (3 points), relevance (3 points) and quality of language (3 points).
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Synoptic Essay Titles. 1. The functions of cell surface membranes a. Control of substances entering and exiting the cell i. Glucose absorption ii. Osmosis iii. Facilitated diffusion iv. Nerve impulses b. Chemical interface i. Hormones – 2nd messenger ii. Antibodies & Phagocytes iii. Oestrogen & Transcription Factor. 2. How the
2 AQA A2 Biology: Writing the synoptic essay. ESSAY 01: THE DIFFERENT WAYS IN WHICH ORGANISMS USE. INORGANIC IONS. Inorganic ions are charged particles that do not contain carbon atoms bonded together. While organisms are mainly built from carbon-containing molecules, their functions rely on inorganic
Synoptic Essay Questions This forms the last question on Unit 5 (Control in Cells and in Organisms). You will have a total of 2hr 15mins to complete a 100 mark paper (worth 140UMS). Of these, 25 are available for the essay question, you only need to do one of the two titles. It follows that the essay should take you about
11. What sort of essay titles can you expect? The essay titles will be very similar to those in the synoptic papers on the legacy specifications (BYA8/W, BYA9/W and BYB678/B). Some of titles from these papers that are applicable to the new specification are listed below: • The different ways in which organisms use ATP.
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