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CHM 1046. General Chemistry II Dr. Michael Blaber. Aqueous Reactions. Metathesis Reactions. In many aqueous reactions it seems that the reaction involves the ionic compounds swapping their ionic partners. For example, in the reaction involving the ionic compounds silver nitrate and potassium chloride we have:.
Metathesis Reactions. A reaction such as. NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) = AgCl(s) + NaNO3(aq). in which the cations and anions exchange partners is called metathesis. In actual fact, the chemistry takes place in several steps. When the chemicals (sodium chloride and silver nitrate) are dissolved, they become hydrated ions:.
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Double replacement reactions—also called double displacement, exchange, or metathesis reactions—occur when parts of two ionic compounds are exchanged, making two new compounds. ..... A precipitation reaction is when two aqueous ionic compounds form a new ionic compound that is not soluble in water.
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1. Reyes. Double Displacement (Exchange or Metathesis) Reactions Practicum. Part I: Instructions: Write the molecular, complete ionic and net ionic equations for every one of the following reactions. If a reaction does not happen, simply write NR on the side of the products. 1. Aqueous sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate.
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View Notes - chemistry1 from SCIENCE Chemistry at Negaunee High School. Reactions in Aqueous Solutions: Metathesis Reactions and Net Ionic Equations Rylee Whitford and Ashley Veale Objective: To.

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